Dambadeniya Dambadeniya Dambadeniya

Dambadeniya (DMBD) is a ruined ancient city situated in the North Western Province (Wayamba), Sri Lanka on the KurunegalaNegombo main road. It served as the capital of Sri Lanka in the mid 13th century. Much of Dambadeniya still lies buried on a huge fortified rock. Dambadeniya is situated about 31 km from Kurunegala, the modern day capital of the North Western Province. Dambadeniya is situated about 4 km from Giriulla.

Dambadeniya, about 30 km south-west of Kurunegala, became prominent in the mid-13th century.[1] It was selected as the capital of the kingdom of Sri Lanka by King Vijayabahu III (1232–36). The sovereignty of the country was at stake as a result of invasions, which dislodged Polonnaruwa as the capital. Vijayabahu, the king of the Dambadeniya dynasty, fought the invaders and established Dambadeniya. On the summit of the Dambadeniya rock he built fortifications and sturdy walls and gates. The city was made secure by a moat, a marsh and ramparts around the royal palace. During the reign of King Parakramabahu II (1236–70), Dambadeniya reached the zenith of its glory. King Parakramabahu II's immaculate Poetic masterpieces "Kavisilumina" and "Visuddi Marga Sannasa" gave a turning point to Sinhalese literature. Dambadeniya era was the reason why Sinhalese literature is not limited to paintings nor scripts.

About Kurunegala District

Kurunegala is a district in North Western Province, Sri Lanka. Consists of 4812.7 km2 48,1270 Hectares and Consists 30 Divisional Secretariats, 1610 Grama Niladari Divisions and 4476 total Villages. It consists of 14 Electorate Divisions, 02 Municipal Council, 19 Urban Councils, 15 Parliamentary Ministers, 47 Provincial Council Members, 15 Ministers and 337 Local Council Members.

Considering Geographical Situation of the Kurunegala District, it has been bounded by five Districts. From the North by Anuradhapura District, East by Mathale District, South By Gampaha and Kegalle District and from West by Puttlam District. Longitude location of the District is north Latitude 228- 333 and East Latitude 104-178.

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