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Thaulle Pure Ayurveda Resort, Tissamaharama

Thaulle Pure Ayurveda Resort, Tissamaharama

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(SKU: LK150099BE)Nestled between the serene Yoda Lake and the sea, Thaulle Pure Ayurveda Resort in Tissamaharama offers a unique blend of spiritual charm and modern comfort. With 28 individually crafted rooms featuring Sri Lankan antiques and scenic balconies, our resort combines the elegance of a designer hotel, the healing touch of an Ayurveda retreat, and the sustainability of an eco-friendly haven. Immerse yourself in holistic treatments, savor diverse culinary delights with lake views, and explore nearby wonders like Yala National Park. Thaulle Resort is your sanctuary for a tranquil, memorable stay in the heart of Sri Lanka.


Thaulle Pure Ayurveda Resort is situated in the serene town of Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka. Nestled between the calming Yoda Lake and the sea, the resort offers a tranquil and spiritually charming atmosphere. Conveniently located not far from the renowned Yala National Park, guests can explore the nearby natural wonders and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


The resort boasts 28 uniquely designed rooms, each offering a one-of-a-kind experience. The rooms feature a blend of western comfort and Sinhalese craftsmanship, adorned with Sri Lankan antiques and wood sourced from the Yoda Lake area. The standard configuration includes a large glass front with a balcony, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking views of the Yoda Lake, creating a memorable and individualized stay.


Thaulle Resort combines the best of three hotel concepts. As a design hotel, it provides visual sophistication in individually furnished rooms. It serves as an Ayurveda hotel, offering holistic treatments under the supervision of one of the country's top doctors. Additionally, as an eco hotel, the resort is committed to sustainability, promoting the responsible use of resources and organic practices. The facilities include an Ayurveda center, a restaurant with picturesque views over Yoda Lake, a pool, and an orchard.


Guests at Thaulle Pure Ayurveda Resort have the opportunity to explore impressive destinations, with Yala National Park being a highlight. The resort facilitates excursions to this renowned national park, allowing guests to experience the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of Sri Lanka. The location between the lake and sea offers a range of recreational activities, contributing to a well-rounded and memorable stay.

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