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Richard Cabanas, Tissamaharama

Richard Cabanas, Tissamaharama

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(SKU: LK1500956A)Richard Cabanas, Tissamaharama: A tranquil retreat on Galmadawwa Road, our exclusive garden cabanas offer privacy amidst lush greenery. Smartly furnished rooms with wide verandas, A/C, and free Wi-Fi ensure a comfortable stay. Enjoy pristine pool moments, homemade cuisine, and seamless excursions to national parks and cultural sites. With bird-watching, cycling, and boating options, experience nature at its best. Discover serenity and convenience at our sustainable haven in Tissamaharama.


Nestled on the outskirts of Tissamaharama, Richard Cabanas offers a serene escape in the heart of nature. Situated on No 38, Galmadawwa Road, Punchi Akurugoda, the hotel is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a private and tranquil atmosphere. The location offers immediate access to walks and cycle rides through picturesque paddy fields, allowing guests to explore nearby lakes and temples.


The hotel features exclusive and secluded garden cabanas, providing privacy in a green and serene country environment. Smartly furnished rooms with wide verandas offer a comfortable retreat, and spacious en-suite bathrooms with hot-and-cold water ensure a refreshing stay. All rooms are equipped with A/C, all-channel DSTV, and reliable Wi-Fi, promising a spotlessly clean and comfortable experience. Parking facilities are provided, with arrangements made for drivers' accommodation nearby.


Richard Cabanas boasts a sparkling pristine swimming pool, inviting guests to relax in a tranquil oasis. The open-sided dining room offers a delightful setting for enjoying delicious homemade food cooked to order. Whether dining indoors or on your private patio, the choice is yours. The hotel provides amenities such as room service, late check-out options, and free bicycles for bird watching and leisurely rides. Sustainable activities, including boating and sunrise bird watching, allow guests to interact with the local environment.

  • Room Service: Convenient options for in-room dining.
  • Late Check-Out: Providing flexibility for guests' convenience.
  • Free Bicycles: Explore the surroundings through bird watching or leisurely rides.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Stay connected with reliable internet access.
  • Safaris: Organized trips for wildlife lovers.
  • Yoga Classes: Relaxation sessions for a serene experience.
  • Boating: Enjoy sunrise bird watching and connect with nature.
  • Sustainable Activity: Interact with locals in the area, promoting a sustainable and immersive experience.

The hotel offers a range of excursions, including safaris to national parks for wildlife enthusiasts, camping adventures, and bird-watching trips. Guests can also embark on tours to nearby attractions and explore the island's cultural and natural wonders.

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