Gongala – Rathnapura

Gongala Gongala Gongala

Gongala, which is opposed to the small Kandy light in the south, is a beautiful mountain class found on the Deniyaya Rakwana road located on the border of southern and Sabaragamu provinces. Gongala is the 15th highest mountain in Sri Lanka with a height of about 4455 feet. Gongala hill is a isolated mountain area from the Sinharaja forest and this mountain is named Gongala because it is located as a big rock on the head of a bull.

This cold fog-frozen hill area is still protected by nature as there is not much eye collision of local tourists but many local tourists are now crossing Gongala Mountain because of its beauty.

The Gongala mountain class built on top of a large stone palace is another wonderful creation of nature. The journey is through a forest so the monkey is very cool. A few small waterfalls that flow through the middle. These are the early water feeding areas of the Ging River.

Pelmadulla – Madampe – Rakwana-Sooriyakanda can reach the hills of a difficult road through Heswatta. The road ends with the #high-security _ zones installed in the Navy’s main #Navy _ Communication System and other media institutions. In order to cross the real Gongala Mountain, you must travel 3 kilometers from this place through the thick forest and you cannot pass this place without special permission from the Navy. The beautiful Sinharaja site which was scattered from one side of the mountain to an invisible dimension and the other side of the Middle Hill and a large area of dryness is disgraced by the other side.

Gongala Gongala Gongala
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