Thalawila Thalawila Thalawila

Thalawila is a village located in the Puttalam District of Sri Lanka. It is situated on the northwestern coast of the country, approximately 15 kilometers south of the city of Puttalam. Thalawila is known for its famous Catholic shrine, the St. Anne's Shrine.

The St. Anne's Shrine in Thalawila is dedicated to St. Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary. It is a popular pilgrimage site for Catholics in Sri Lanka, and thousands of devotees visit the shrine each year, especially during the annual feast of St. Anne, which takes place in the month of July.

During the feast, the village of Thalawila comes alive with religious ceremonies, processions, and festivities. Pilgrims from all over the country, as well as foreign visitors, gather at the shrine to seek blessings and offer prayers. The atmosphere during the feast is vibrant and festive, with various cultural performances, food stalls, and temporary shops selling religious items.

Apart from its religious significance, Thalawila also has beautiful beaches that attract tourists. The sandy shores and calm waters make it a popular destination for beach lovers and those seeking relaxation.

Overall, Thalawila is a place of religious importance in Sri Lanka, with the St. Anne's Shrine being its main attraction. It offers a unique blend of spirituality, cultural traditions, and natural beauty, making it a memorable destination for visitors.

Thalawila Thalawila Thalawila
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